bas pattyn
minimalist artist and designer

Bas Pattyn thinks binary and this is reflected in his work. The apparent simplicity of what he makes is his way of translating the confusing world into simple forms. With a few lines, he writes a story, which is nevertheless layered. 
Bas Pattyn is a graphic designer and furniture designer by education. Like all of us, he is searching for his place in the world.

photography -

Affordable Art Fair Brussels – with Oever Gallery – Brussel, Belgium
Oever Gallery – Oostende, Belgium

Contemporary Design Market – Brussel, Belgium

Buren bij Kunstenaars – Brugge, Belgium
Contemporary Design Market – Brussel, Belgium
ARTificial Gallery – Brugge, Belgium

Buren bij Kunstenaars – Brugge, Belgium
Dutch Design Week /Thomas More – Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Week van het ontwerpen/Thomas More/Interieur 2018 – Kortrijk, Belgium
Exposition at DOK54 – Brugge, Belgium
Foodfest – Cadzand, The Netherlands
Designkwartier – Den Haag, The Netherlands – Maastricht, The Netherlands
Exposición Balance/Thomas More – Lab26 – Havana, Cuba – (Winnaar van de Belgische inzending) 
Art At Sea – Knokke, Belgium
BelgianArtDesign/BAD2018 – Gent, Belgium

Buren bij Kunstenaars – Brugge, Belgium
Week van het ontwerpen/Thomas More – Kortrijk, Belgium
Dutch Design Week/Thomas More – Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Workshop – Step Across The Border (GIDE) – Lugano, Switzerland
Workshop – Balance (ISDI) – Havana, Cuba

Buren bij Kunstenaars – Brugge, Belgium
Workshop – Iggesund Design Experience – Iggesund, Sweden

Workshop – Social Innovation Design, International Summer School – Wuxi, China

Kunstvestdagen – Mechelen, Belgium